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Nikola Tesla Free Energy – Is It Really Possible?

Nikola Tesla free energy inventions are widely known as some of the most reliable sources of free energy. Tesla free energy was created long ago during the late 1800s where most had considered his theories too farfetched. Even now the sound of free energy seems too good to be true. But fear not, his work was later recognised and researched upon and found to be a great success.

Nikola Tesla Free Energy

Nikola Tesla was a genius. At the age of only 17 years he had invented numerous inventions using simply his mind through imagination. His most popular invention was the Tesla electric motor. He then assembled his ideas into prototypes which all worked exactly as he had imagined them in his mind.

Thomas Edison had later employed Tesla into his company which worked mainly on the creation of DC (direct current). Tesla soon moved onto creating his own company where he focused more on his own theories such as the invention of AC (alternating current). He later sold the rights to AC technology to Westinghouse Electric Company, now AC is used to power majority house hold appliances in the current society.

Nikola Tesla free energy inventions are actually quite popular now. He invented solar panels and motors that were capable of running on kinetic energy (the energy created by motion). The Magnet-motor utilizes kinetic energy which is created through the motion of magnets. This motor can create immense amount of Nikola Tesla free energy that can be used to power many home appliances such as the refrigerator, microwave oven, lawn mower etc. In essence, the magnet-motor can be used to run your entire house simply on Nikola Tesla free energy. Magnet motors can easily be created by basic hardware that is available at most electric stores.

Unfortunately due to the limited funding that Tesla’s theories received, he was unable to compete with larger and more commercial companies. Many of Tesla’s ideas were left incomplete. Nikola Tesla’s inventions were seen to be revolutionary; his devices are now being recognised as some of the most useful inventions of the century. Millions of people are now taking advantage of the Nikola Tesla free energy and are saving thousands of dollars every year.

The public is slowly starting to realise the substantial benefit of Tesla’s inventions and are starting to implement the devices into their own homes. The inventions of Nikola Tesla have been scientifically proven and have been acknowledged worldwide as some of the most genius inventions ever created. Nikola Tesla free energy motor can also be used in your house to produce free energy!

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